At the CES with Mercedes-Benz and UJET


At the CES with Mercedes-Benz and UJET

Las Vegas is more than just a hotspot for the innovative consumer-electronics industry


It has become a tradition for the “who’s who” of the consumer-electronics world to gather at the Las Vegas Convention Center to kick off the new year. Year after year, a broad specialist audience joins representatives from industry and trade to admire the latest product innovations.

“Industry outsiders” have recognised the electronics world’s potential as an increasingly lucrative platform for systematically positioning new products, not previously considered consumer electronics, in a purely digital environment. And so it was that we, as exhibition booth constructors, had the pleasure of accompanying our long-time customer, Mercedes-Benz, to the CES in Las Vegas for the first time to create a suitable space on the digital electronic-high-tech stage for vehicles equipped with a comprehensive multimedia package.

Innovative electric-scooter newbie, Ujet, also headed to the Mojave Desert, assisted by renowned events agency Vok Dams, who hired us to build the impressive stand concept for the latest two-wheeler brand on the market.

We’re excited to see who the next CES newcomers will be.

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