DI and Ambrosius Exhibition Design and Building (Shanghai) are now exclusive partners!


DI and Ambrosius Exhibition Design and Building (Shanghai) are now exclusive partners!

It was made official on 28 July: from now on, Display International Schwendinger GmbH & Co. KG, the subsidiary DISPLAY INTERNATIONAL (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. and Ambrosius Exhibition Design and Building (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. are cooperating partners. The exclusive contract has been signed and sealed. These two long-standing greats in the international exhibition stand construction will work hand-in-hand in the future to optimise service for their globally active clientele. In doing so, Display International will take on Ambrosius China’s contracts in Europe and North America, while the Chinese exhibition building specialist will now execute all DI projects in Asia.

Advantages for customers and partners

The principal synergetic effects arise from mutual opportunities for the use of the partner's resources. At both home locations, large production halls and warehouses ensure optimal conditions for manufacture and logistics. Local knowledge, experience and competences all help to create enormous added value.
“With our large production and warehousing capacities in China and Europe, we are now in a much more advantageous position.” This is how Klaus Nock, executive director at Display International, describes the new liaison.

Yingdi Wang, managing director of Ambrosius China, also underlines the advantages of the exclusive cooperation: “By focusing on only one strong partner to coordinate fair presence in China on the one hand and Europe/North America on the other, both parties know that they can rely on each other one hundred percent and fulfil their customers’ desired quality requirements at any time and in any place.” 

The strengthening of intercultural competences is also a plus. From project management through design to production and assembly, the customer is supported on site in the best possible way – completely without language barriers or time differences.

The network grows

Over the past decades, Display International has constantly developed its global network. “In doing so, it has been and remains important fur us to be able to rely completely on the quality and service of our partners – and vice versa, of course. This is absolutely the case with Ambrosius China,” says Klaus Nock, pleased about the new collaboration.