First cooperation project with Ambrosius China


First cooperation project with Ambrosius China

At the IAA, the cooperative partners DISPLAY INTERNATIONAL and Ambrosius Exhibition Design and Building (Shanghai) constructed a demanding fair stand together for their customer, in a short time.

Würselen/Shanghai/IAA Frankfurt. – The storied global players in international fair construction, DISPLAY INTERNATIONAL Schwendinger GmbH & Co. KG, its subsidiary DISPLAY INTERNATIONAL (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. and Ambrosius Exhibition Design and Building (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. have been working hand in hand since the end of July. Within this collaboration, Display International completes Ambrosius China’s contracts in Europe and North America, while the Chinese fair construction specialist carries out all Display International projects in Asia. They first proved the added value this cooperative relationship can bring on behalf of SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. at the International Motor Show Germany (IAA) 2019.

Outstanding collaboration at the IAA

The design was by Ambrosius China, while Display International was responsible as a general service provider for all the trades involved in implementing the SVOLT stand. Together they completed planning and production in only five weeks. Subsequently, the 544-square-metre stand – including many small-scale exhibits – was erected within ten days. Two project leaders from Ambrosius China supported the construction phase.

Great satisfaction among all those involved

“We are very pleased with how it went and with the results,” Klaus Nock, Managing Partner at Display International, sums up. The project did raise great challenges: alongside the tight schedule, a total of four different exhibitors had to be coordinated within the SVOLT stand. Four large suspended LED walls formed part of the fair presence, alongside further extensive AV technology. In addition, the stand also had to offer space and the necessary equipment for a large-scale press conference – including the technology needed for simultaneous interpreting.

Yingdi Wang, Managing Director of Ambrosius China, also felt vindicated by the frictionless collaborative partnership on site: “our cooperation ensures that globally oriented companies such as SVOLT can achieve optimal project flow without language barriers or hurdles caused by delays. In this way, we support our customers both in making forays into new markets and securing their position in established ones.”