LEDVANCE at Light + Building in Frankfurt


LEDVANCE at Light + Building in Frankfurt

One of the highlights of the first half of the year

Impressive design requires high-quality execution and LEDVANCE’s prominent orange booth at this year’s Light + Building in Frankfurt is the outcome of this very formula. The pairing of Solingen-based studio Bachmannkern, as creative visionaries, with Display International, famously ambitious exhibition booth constructors, was no coincidence.

The use of different heights, varying galleries, skilfully integrated cubes, and a diverse range of products curated down to the finest detail in terms of both design and structure facilitated new perspectives on light in a networked world. In keeping with the campaign idea “Breaking New Ground”, a new level of experience was created for each product.

Behind the impressive façade of the orange brand gate, the architecture took visitors by the hand, guiding them along awe-inspiring paths and bridges, through the 1,300 products in the LEDVANCE world.

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