We are still here for you.

As much as our lives are currently determined by fears and worries, dangers, prohibitions and prognoses due to the coronavirus, "on days like these" we can also feel that values that apparently have been forgotten revive all of a sudden: consideration, solidarity, sensitivity, prudence. Values, getting too often lost in the hectic daily routine of the global trade, move closer to the focus day by day. You can feel it. It’s being practiced more and more. In our office, in the neighbourhood, in families, simply everywhere. This gives us courage and makes us feel positive, to some extent. No matter how difficult the crisis is to bear.

We at DI are currently acting even more consciously and sensitively than usual, we are taking care, and we are clearly putting emphasis on the safety and well-being of our customers, suppliers and our own employees. We avoid unnecessary contacts, maintain a safe distance to prevent infections and have taken all current hygiene and protective measures at an early stage, in order to be able to maintain the core business at our site in Würselen. After all, a part of the team is needed in the company in order to ensure the smooth handling of projects in progress, the processing of new inquiries and the execution of important administrative tasks.

Colleagues whose presence in the company is not necessarily required at the moment, operate from home and can be reached on the familiar channels like always, thanks to digital networking. Your messages, requests and enquiries will be handled reliably as usual.

Our concern today is to share this with you. We are at your service and keep on. As usual. We are looking ahead. With a good portion of the optimism which is left. Things will go on. Doctors, virologists, the government and all of us do our best to help.

If we all pull together and take good care of ourselves, it will soon work out. Let’s not miss to look forward to that moment!

With this in mind, we send you our best wishes from Würselen,