IAA Frankfurt 2017

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IAA Frankfurt 2017

Mercedes Benz Messestand IAA 2017 Frankfurt - Messebau  von Display International - Exhibition Mercedes IAA 2017

The 2017 IAA saw Mercedes-Benz once again boast a top-class exhibition stand. DISPLAY INTERNATIONAL, as exhibition stand constructor, was once again commissioned to implement the design created by Stuttgart agency “Jangled Nerves”, which wowed visitors with a blaze of interior decor features and a number of technical highlights. While temporarily fitting 3 separately designed levels with a steel section weighing almost 900 tonnes, has for years been just as mandatory as integrating two 30-metre escalators. The new focus of the presentation stage on the ground floor – embedded in a top-quality multimedia show – was a complete first. Impressive LED towers, which moved electronically in all directions, made for a stunning spectacle with concert-like sound and imposing content which ticked every box in terms of dynamism, variety, resolution and colour intensity.

What is likely to be the world’s largest indoor exhibition stand spanned more than 10,000 square metres, with an installation height of 16 metres. Vehicles, technical displays and accessories were presented to visitors on every level, each with a different look. Cafés, lounges, bars and individually designed showrooms with live, digital and interactive communication components enhanced Frankfurt’s Festhalle, which was given a full makeover by standbuilder DISPLAY INTERNATIONAL – with constantly changing floors, walls, ceilings, platforms and stairs, featuring complex design and architectural elements, backlit fittings or superstructures, fluid lighting transitions, and a multitude of top-quality structural details.

Equal importance was also placed on the ideas of sustainability and the environment – both in terms of the booth design, which meticulously and fittingly incorporated the theme of nature and plants and in terms of the work methods applied by a modern exhibition booth construction, company highly aware of its responsibility to the environment when selecting and handling a wide range of materials and equipment.




Size:10.000 m²

Design / ArchitekturJangled Nerves


Photography:Andreas Keller Fotografie

Communication:Atelier Markgraph