LG Signature Kitchen Suite

IFA 2018 - exterior pavilion

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LG Signature Kitchen Suite

IFA 2018 - exterior pavilion

LG Signature Kitchen Suite IFA 2018 Berlin Messestand Pavillon Exhibition Design Display International Messebauer

An outbuilding that packs a punch: the bungalow that the Korean electronics giant put up to house its kitchen label "Signature Kitchen Suite" was a real "eye-catcher" for visitors at IFA 2018. No one was expecting to see a pavilion like this on the exhibition’s grounds in Berlin.

The structure, designed by the D’art Design Gruppe from Düsseldorf, was erected over a period of 4 weeks and found the prominent spot it deserved in the so-called Summer Garden. Its construction was of the highest quality, using the best materials and a perfect surface finish on floors, walls and ceilings, giving the refined kitchens from Korea an equally elegant space in which to shine. In the end, there was a lot pf praise for DI’s perfect project management.

From the clean in-house fabrication and perfectly coordinated construction schedule, all the way to the professional and diligent assembly on site, DI left a perfect impression on the customer.



Design / ArchitekturD’art Design Gruppe

Standbuilding:Display International

Photography:Lukas Palik Fotografie

Communication:D’art Design Gruppe