Light+Building Frankfurt 2012

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Light+Building Frankfurt 2012

Osram Light Building Messestand Frankfurt - Messebau, Messedesign, Messebauer Display International - Exhibition Light Building

DISPLAY INTERNATIONAL implemented the Osram L+B 2012 appearance in a "twin pack". Two monumental, but deliberately open and inviting stands at the front sides of the "Festhalle" with a total surface of 2000 m² made it the biggest Osram fair participation of all times.Two 8 m high gates, facing each other on the particular end of the hall aisle were most striking. Coloured LEDs, delivering imposing light impressions in front and behind the partly folded walls and ceilings were the big eye-catcher. The gates with their changing light arrangements and logos were ensuring a distinct long-distance effect, and communicated with each other, thus revealing the harmony of the two stands in an impressive manner.The main focus was on the presentation of light in its different applications of daily life in an adequate environment with challenging and diversified architecture. Different szenarios - kitchen, bathroom, sleeping room, lounge, Zen garden, fishpond, real grass intarsia - spectacularly illustrated the interaction of light design and architecture. An LED backlit building facade showed a big-sized city model with 3-dimensional edifices, whereas the relief of the Allianz Arena decorated another facade. Hardly any wall was alike.The ample and well-arranged product presentation on both stands was completed with an innovative OLED sculpture, which undoubtedly was a highlight amongst the large number of OSRAM exhibits.

Size:850 m² and 793 m² + 255 m² and 232 m² upper floor

Design / ArchitekturProf. Dipl.-Ing. Prof. Hägele


Photography:Victor S. Brigola

Communication:bfm-net GmbH

Planning of Structure:Posselt Consult GmbH

Lichtplanung:perspektive LICHT