IFA Berlin 2017

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IFA Berlin 2017

Messestand Acer IFA 2017 in Berlin Messebau Exhibition Design Display International

The IFA in Berlin saw DISPLAY INTERNATIONAL design, develop and put together computer manufacturer ACER’s exhibition presentation for the fourth time running. This year, it created a 511-sq-m, completely enclosed exhibition booth accessible to invited guests.

Externally, the booth was distinguished by its clear, consistent lines. The architectural philosophy behind the design was to add a sense of dynamism and vibrancy to a massive facade to reflect the ACER label’s product range and image. And the “brand space” was presented to perfection here. Vertical screens were harmoniously incorporated into the six-metre-high walls, as were the expertly integrated product display cases, whose backlighting was just as elaborate as that of the omnipresent logo in its distinct green.    
At the centre of the booth was a stylish, highly visible lounge – surrounded by seven four-metre-high alcoves where the individual product lines were each presented with relevant, co-ordinated lifestyle elements.

The design of the purposely high-contrast and very dark, sombre gaming area for the “Predator” product line conveyed the precise “apocalyptic sentiment” apparent in many computer games. As such, the ACER exhibition presentation ended up being exactly what it had intended to be: The perfect fusion of product, brand, spirit, zeitgeist, space, design and architecture. A modern, high-quality exhibition booth by DISPLAY INTERNATIONAL.



Size:511 m²



Photography:Fotodesign Schiemann